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Tessuto: 100% micro perforated polyester
  • Raglan short sleeve T-shirt
  • Slightly slim
  • Structure with side seams
  • 140 g/m2 Classic Fit

Small imperfections

Unfortunately it is inevitable that small imperfections create in the underarm areas, seams and in the area close to the neck. Using dark graphics the problem will be accentuated. Continuing with the purchase you will accept the presence of these imperfections!

– Colors

It is important to keep in mind that the color of your graphics, once printed, may be slightly different from your expectations. This is due to the RGB-CMYK conversion, all files are necessarily converted with the latter format before being printed on the fabric which causes a difference between what you see through the screen (in RGB) and the final print result. Bright colors will be darker, especially fluorescent colors.
By selecting a text color on the customizer you can set the brightness of the same through the special function. If you slightly lower the brightness you can see, in a very approximate way, the final result (But remember to raise the brightness again after the test! :P)

– Use of mobile phone emoticons

If you are personalizing through your phone we do not recommend using the emoticons available on it, they have a low resolution and therefore will not guarantee a good result! If you really can’t find an alternative narrow them as possible.

– Text color

If you want white text make sure the code matches “FFFFFF” and the indicator is fully positioned in the corner, any other gradation will result in a slightly different color.

– Colors Matching

Avoid slight contrasts, for example to use a dark grey on the graphite shirt. The white color is not printed by customizing the white T-shirt, same principle applied to black T-shirt for the color black. All other colors will be printed regularly.

– File

If you have doubts about the quality of your file contact us in advance by email, we’ll get back as soon as possible! Also remember that the white color is not printed by customizing the white t-shirt, same principle applied to black T-shirt for the color black. In colored t-shirts avoid white squares. Our customizer does not support vectors, possibly use a PNG remembering to work in CMYK. After completing the purchase you can email us the vector, specifying in the subject the order number.

– Colored shirt? Read more here!

Finally, remember that the colored t-shirts will come to your home with a “box” around the print.  This “box” is the primer, a pre treatment necessary for the white color of the graphics, it will disappear with the first washing 🙂

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